Utilization is the process of moving from instructional plans and development into delivering instruction and training.  After identifying the instructional problems to be addressed and preparing learning materials, it is time to start teaching the users.  The examples here highlight workshops and instructional materials I have implemented.

Podcasting Workshop Overview and Utilization PDF by Menko Johnson Training Session- Introduction to Podcasting small icon of pdf
San José State University faculty were enthusiastic about podcasting, but uncertain how to make recordings or create the podcast. This workshop was designed to guide the novice podcaster through the process, introduce the tools, and discuss educational uses of podcasting. A lesson plan, detailed instructional tutorial, and participant evaluations from the 2-hour workshop are included.

Video Production Plan for video about Technology Integration by Menko JohnsonVideo Production Plan - Technology Integration in the Classroom small icon of pdf
A detailed production schematic for a 20-minute video aimed at teachers learning to effectively integrate technology into classroom instruction. Video clips with examples from K-12 and university-level courses are presented, including interviews with instructors detailing their pedagogy and methods. Finally, hands-on tips for successful integration are provided to help enhance any lesson. Full-size video 480x320 (130 MB) quicktime logo or Small 320x240 (40 MB) quicktime logo