Instructional Technologists are often called upon to manage the projects they design and develop. Ensuring that a project moves smoothly from a well-developed concept to successful utilization requires understanding of the ISD process, solid personal skills, and dedication. Management consists of project oversight, resource management, information management or instructional delivery management, and often is a combination of these. These letters of recommendation highlight my ability to guide projects through the ISD process and interact with stakeholders to ensure succesful project outcomes.

Recommendation from Incubator Faculty Member, Menko Johnson (PDF)Letter of Recommendation - John Clapp, Professor, San José State University small icon of pdf
Working side-by-side with a select number of faculty members in the Incubator Classroom, I strive to overcome pedagogical and technological hurdles that are part of teaching with technology. I am asked to fill the roles of pedagogical expert, educational technology leader, learning space designer, researcher and site manager, all of which require me to juggle information and resources to ensure that instruction is smooth and effective.

Letter of thanks from colleagues (PDF)Letter of Appreciation - Marilynn Spaventa, Santa Barbara City College small icon of pdf
In the Acadmic Success Center, we frequently have visits from other institutions and designers looking to see what impact our learning spaces have had on student success. Santa Barabara City College faculty and administrators were in San Jose for a conference and requested a tour. We spent several hours discussing the impact of technology on learning and I gave them advice on future build outs and lessons we had learned at SJSU.

Menko Johnson Recommendation Letter from CFD PDFLetter of Recommendation - Center for Faculty Development small icon of pdf
During the summer of 2006, I completed an internship at San José State's Center for Faculty Development. I was responsible for managing the instructional project, identifying the problems to address, and deciding on what solutons to implement. This process required me to setup a timetable, milestones, and ensure deliverables were completed by the deadlines. I was also responsible for training faculty once the deliverables were completed.