Professional Foundations of Instructional Technology & Design

Technology is rapidly altering the higher educational landscape with e-learning, smart classrooms, and the advent of mobile computing. How do educators and learners unaccustomed to advanced technology navigate this new world? What technology-enhanced pedagogies are increasing student learning and engagement? These papers sought to explore some of these questions and review the current research.

PDF article on smart classrooms written by Menko JohnsonAre Classrooms Really Smarter? - Research Paper small icon of pdf
This research paper presents an overview of existing research on technology-enhanced classrooms and how they are changing the educational landscape. The paper also includes recommendations for more empirical research to examine the impact of technology on teaching and learning.

PDF article on the challenges adult learner face using technology written by Menko JohnsonAdult Learners and Technology - Research Paper small icon of pdf
This paper grapples with a difficult topic in education: how to teach using technology-enhanced tools when the learners are adults that may not be comfortable using technology. Two key questions are examined: (1) What barriers do adult learners face in an electronic environment and (2) How does online/electronic learning compare to traditional face-to-face instruction? Research on adult learning and technology integration is also reviewed.

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My current resume with contact information, professional pursuits, and references.