After planning and implementing an ISD project, a last critical component is evaluating the project effectiveness. How do you know if your training was successful or achieved the desired learning outcomes? Evaluation is the key to understanding and assessing whether or not the instructional objectives were met during the course of the project.

Link to a report on social studies curriculum in a local school district (PDF)Evaluation Report - Analysis of a Social Studies Curriculum small icon of pdf
After implementing a new curriculum project in a test population, school district officials asked us to evaluate whether or not the new program was effective in increasing student attitudes and achievement in Social Studies. Several measures of achievement and attitudes were administered by school officials. The report statistically analyses the results and presents the findings and makes recommendations based on the scores reported.

markey survey analysis of adult distance learning websites by Menko Johnson (PDF)Market Survey - Distance Learning Websites for Adults small icon of pdf
Twenty adult e-learning websites were surveyed and analyzed using a 9-item rubric measuring different aspects of the website such as content, interactivity and color schemes. The goal was to discern the type of content, different media styles, and delivery methods, used by adult learning websites and rate them based on the rubric. Several examples of good and poor website design are discussed and sites were ranked based based on their overall score.