As an Instructional Technologist, much of my time has been spent designing and developing instructional materials. Print, web and video projects are common in today's multimedia rich world. Instructional Technologists are tasked with going from a design idea to a working model using rapid-prototyping and focused user testing. Projects included here range from skeleton concept models to fully-implemented designs.


Information Design Project: Teaching Adult Learners how to use email, PDF by Menko Johnson Information Design Project - Anatomy of an Email Program small icon of pdf
This project clearly outlines each phase of the design and development process with detailed notes. Starting with a paper concept sketch, it progresses through multiple design layouts and electronic iterations until it reaches the final design. The goal was to create a handout that novice adult learners would be able to understand quickly to enable them to easily navigate an email program.

Tablet PC Quick Start Guide PDF by Menko JohnsonTablet PC Quick Start Guide small icon of pdf
I was asked to create user guides for 6 new technologies being unveiled in San José State's new Incubator Classroom. Tablet PCs were one of the flagship technologies, and I was tasked with researching their user interface, unique features, and educational applications. After familiarizing myself with them, documentation was designed and created to enable new users to rapidly utilize Tablet PCs as a teaching tool in the classroom.


ASC Image Map designed to visually explain each of the services and their locations in the Academic Success Center at San Jose State UniversityAcademic Success Center Image Map
After the initial opening, the ASC was having difficulty communicating to students and visitors about the services offered and where they are located. A visual map of the 1st floor of Clark Hall was created, overlayed on top of an aerial satellite photograph, and then each department was color coded. When a user rolls over each section, a description and photograph of the learning space pops up.

Thumbnail picture of prototype design of the Academic Success Center's websiteAcademic Success Center Website
Rapid prototype web design layout for the Academic Success Center. Focused design on modern web 2.0 colors and quick access to information for 3 distinct user groups: faculty teaching in the ASC, students and faculty on campus, and off-campus visitors. Needs were organized around clear, distinct vertical navigation with the ability to communicate a rather text-heavy page efficiently with few photographs or illustrations.

Incubator Classroom Photo Gallery by Menko JohnsonIncubator Classroom Web Photo Gallery
Created as part of an overall web design focusing on showcasing the Incubator Classroom. Designed to portray different activities and technologies available in the room to emphasize the versatility and flexibility of the teaching space. Created to give a visual sense of the activities and technologies available to faculty and students in the Incubator Classroom.

Thumbnail of Installing Skype job aid website by Menko JohnsonJob Aid - Getting Started with Skype
Website designed for simple layout and anchor navigation to help first time users of the popular VOIP program Skype download and install the program. Horizontal navigation and clean white, green and blue colors make it easy to read and matches the layout of Skype. The target user is a faculty member or student that has average technology skills and never has used Skype before.