Instructional Systems Design (ISD) is the process of designing instruction to optimize learning gains in knowledge and performance.  Taking a systematic approach to designing and delivering educational instruction allows designers to precisely dissect complicated learning challenges and create solutions.  Perhaps the best known ISD model is ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implement, Evaluate) link, a 5-step approach to solving instructional problems.  The two projects presented here represent several of the ISD challenges I have confronted as an Instructional Designer.

thumbnail of Incubator Classroom project PDF Incubator Classroom Design Project small icon of pdf
A 90-hour summer internship was undertaken at San José State's Center for Faculty Development. I was asked to plan and conduct a training for faculty preparing to teach in the Incubator Classroom. Using the ADDIE model, I determined what challenges faculty would face and created training program prepare them. The end product was a new training guide for faculty: Quick Guide to the Incubator Classroom (13 MB) small icon of pdf

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Conducted at Stanford University as a consulting project, a department purchased Salesforce and they needed to migrate their existing records, train different employees how to use, and create specific documentation to support and troubleshoot problems. I was tasked with analyzing the needs of the staff, designing and implementing a training program, and creating documentation to support staff after my departure.