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Snapshot of Life


picture of mattyHave you ever noticed how you seem to get wrapped up in working on other projects, and never get around to personal ones? Well this page is a testament to that! Website revisions seem to occur about as frequently as a solar eclipse--sporadically spectacular..

THE JOB: In November 2010, I began a new job as a Technology Director for the Fremont Union High School District in Sunnyvale, CA. I feel in some ways like I have come back to my educational roots, as a teacher, district professional development and evaluation specialist. User-centered design for spaces and technology was never a priority when I taught, and that lack of attention to the teaching environment ultimately led me to move into higher education at SJSU and Stanford. Much has changed in the 10 years since I left, and FUHSD is looking to innovate and create learning environments very unlike typical classrooms across the country.

Needless to say I am thrilled to inject my skills into a place that can really make a difference for teachers that work hard in our public schools. I loved Stanford and the work I did there, but am thankful for the opportunity to apply my experiences in 9-12 public education. My quest to bring intelligent, simplified and effective technology to the teaching world begins a new chapter, but continues its journey. My time at Wallenberg Hall and San Jose State University's Academic Success Center was difficult to leave behind, but I hope to stay connected to higher ed through consulting and conferences still.

EDUCATION: I have a swatch of degrees, a B.A. in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz (1993), a M.Ed. in K8 Education from Ohio State University (2001), and a M.A. Instructional Design & Technology from San Jose State University (2007). I have continued to further my education with interests in Learning Space Design, Student Assessment, and more.

OTHER: I've finally been able to get back to cycling after 18 years of staying off the bike. I'm absolutely thrilled to be able to ride again, and currently am a member of the Peninsula Velo Cycling Team. And of course the kiddo's activties are keeping me in shape. One of my priorities clearly has not been this web page. Maybe that will change...but I doubt it ;)

I'm also tinkering with our cars even though Cami is trying valiantly to keep me from going crazy on the Passat wagon. I added new wheels to the Passat, but otherwise have left it alone. My 1962 Dodge Lancer purchased in November of 2004 has kept me plenty busy. More on that can be found all over the place!

You can find me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Skype or just email me.



About Us

Cami is an Assistant Professor at San Jose State University's College of Business. Menko is the Technology Director at Fremont Union High School District where he is helping guide their vision of teaching with technology. They have 1 son, Mattheus, who simply refuses to stop changing, forever keeping them on their toes.


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