The time you think you're missing... misses you too

Welcome to our website! is the personal website for Menko and Camille Johnson. While I would like to say this is the most current and exciting information there is to be had about us, sadly the important things in life trump website updates, so this may not be the source of the latest and greatest information (and of course Google will gladly cache all this old information for the forseeable future)

Blog added, check it out!

After rolling up my sleeves and playing around a bit, I finally added our wordpress blog to the website. Instead of typing out things here, I'll post all new information through the main blog page. You can read the latest news and see new pictures on our photo gallery by stumbling on over to our main blog page.. I can't promise quality, but if you care enough to read it, please feel free!

For those of you unlucky enough to have caught the old car bug, you may find my 1962 Dodge Lancer page of some interest. I have tried to detail some of the adventures I have taken there.


About Us

Cami is an Assistant Professor at San Jose State University's College of Business. Menko is the Technology Director at Fremont Union High School District where he is helping guide their vision of teaching with technology. They have 1 son, Mattheus, who simply refuses to stop changing, forever keeping them on their toes.