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Stanford…2 months later

At last, a new photo

Two months ago, I accepted a new position at Stanford University work for SCIL (Stanford Center for Innovations in Learning) which is housed inside of Wallenberg Hall. The history of Wallenberg is a rich one that started back in 2002 when the Wallenberg family funded a massive remodeling of Building 160. They have been a thought leader in learning space design ever since then, and I was given the opportunity to join them and work towards creating a “version 2” of WH.

Now that I am settled in and getting the know the community, I am still amazed at the diversity of energetic individuals pursuing interesting projects within the walls of Stanford. Innovative and stimulating ideas are constantly interjecting themselves into my daily activities and its often hard to focus on getting anything done, because you’re constantly pulled towards another idea path.

But, my move to Stanford was not entirely unnoticed, and I have received no small amount of haranguing for this writeup in Campus Technology’s February ’09 issue. Campus Technology has been a great partner while I was at SJSU and I’m humbled by this little spot. BTW, the photo credit is Bob Smith’s as we walked outside and he literally took a picture in two seconds. He’s the man.

At last, a new photo