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Burlingame Criterium 06.26.2011

Matty pedals for a great cause!

This weekend I took time off from racing and instead helped my club, Peninsula Velo put on the Burlingame Criterium, and Ryan’s Ride, a memorial ride to raise money for cancer programs through the Lance Armstrong Foundation. I was really looking forward to this as Matty has been really excited to ride his bike, and begs me to wear my jersey and ride bikes with him. I can only describe it as feeling like a Super Hero to my son, and I’ve watched him mature into an understanding of cycling and competition to know that Daddy almost never wins, but he always gives it everything he has. He saw me struggle by myself last weekend as I crawled in behind the leaders and he said “Daddy you were going fast up that hill!” So I was ready to return the favor as he pedaled a lap of the course.

It was a beautiful day and I was an escort for the kids to make sure the all made it safely around the course. There was an endless sea of kids on a variety of bikes just having a blast. Matty had several friends there, and as his race got under way, he quickly wove his way through the rather disorganized sea of riders. If you’ve ever felt unsafe in a criterium because riders aren’t holding their lines, you’ve only grasped the tip of the iceberg with a sea of 7 and 8 year olds all swerving around, some looking forward, backwards and sideways as crowd cheers them on. Its a miracle more of them don’t plow into each other.

But Matty, true to his character, slammed it into his hardest gear and pedaled his heart out. He motored around the course and was beaten by one other kid who he just couldn’t catch. Daddy of course was right behind him encouraging him to pedal not because I cared whether he won or lost, but because I wanted him to enjoy the sport of it, and give it everything he had. When we finished he was breathing hard, but not that hard and said “I’m ready to do more Daddy!” I smiled and hope this is just the start of a long career of competition in sport for him.

A great way to end the weekend. One proud Daddy!


A few good days on the bike

For their last field trip of the year, the cub scouts got to learn some bicycle safety and do a group bike ride together. Matty quickly decided he was going to race everyone, and faster than I could even get the camera out, he was gone.

And besides learning how to pass safely on the left, they somehow found every…single…puddle and bit of mud so that they were covered in seconds. Who can blame them, its a blast!

Add this to the bike fun we had yesterday as I chased Matty around an office park, and its been a good several days on the bike


How the boys play

What’s a father and son to do on a hot day left to their own devices?  Well watch and see.  And do note, all those orange things are non-toxic and biodegradable


Gymnastics Show

Admit it, you miss “Eye of the Tiger”!  Well here’s your chance to hear it all over again, in all its glory


Halloween Party Fun

batman and horsey

batman and horsey,

Today is the party at school, and while I’m not sure kids are dressing up for it, I got him his Batman outfit out and he put it on. His hair is not just “messed up” but was my feeble attempt at putting “ears” on his head like Batman. Daddy wasn’t really prepared for this so it is what it is!

Horsey is coming along as his sleeping buddy, crime stopping buddy, and share day toy. Lots of mileage outta that donkey!


Boys Days!

Menko was treated to several days of Mattheus time while Cami was at a conference in Chicago. After our scare with the pee pee problem on Thursday (see story), Friday morning was the turning point for the weekend. Kiddo woke up happy and energized, and most importantly unafraid of peeing! After work we had planned to meet up with some friends, but they had to change their plans at the last minute, which meant we had the freedom to whatever we wanted. We worked on restoring my “new” Vitus road bike and played some basketball in the driveway. Bed time was all Clifford and good cheer, with a big weekend plan ahead of us. The weekend was all planned out: Saturday was Jakob’s birthday party, followed by a visit to his friend Parker for dinner, and Sunday we were going to breakfast and taking a hike before picking Cami up at SFO. Well…things didn’t quite go as planned, but we had a great time regardless.

Saturday morning was spent taking a nice bike ride to Peets coffee in Palo Alto via the most circuitous route I could find. Matty was a little tired (he woke up at 6:15am afterall and resisted all suggestions to go back to sleep!) so the long ride in the trailer was welcomed. Crackers, juice and a chauffeured ride were all good by him. After a nice coffee and a few rays of sunlight, we set off back towards Greg’s house to pick up some bike parts. Greg ended up needing some “help” with the twins, so we stayed for a while Mattheus fascinated Bethany and Devon with his coordination and other amazing things that 3 year old can do! Bethany’s personality is really starting to emerge and she was all smiles and excitement, eyes glued to Matty. Greg’s 67 VW Bus also came back to the house while were there, and his Halloween decorations were set out to terrify all would-be trick-or-treaters (pic). Continue Reading »


Pumpkin Patch



Matty’s class went to a pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay today where they were treated to hay rides, pony rides, and inflatable slides. He of course wanted to dress up in his favorite color, so we put his Halloween sweatshirt on, but didn’t want to give him the pants for fear that he would be mistaken as an over-sized pumpkin and left behind at the pumpkin patch. The boy loves his orange! As a bonus, it was going to rain, so he dressed up with his boots and rain jacket on top of the orange? Does life get any better?


Matty gets the “all clear!”

Dr. Tsai and Mattheus

Dr. Tsai and Mattheus

On Thursday, Matty started complaining that he was having pain while peeing, and he became quite frantic. Fearing a repeat of 3 weeks ago, I immediately checked a few things, and made an appointment for the following day to see his pediatrician. The last thing I wanted was for a repeat infection to get out of control.

To confirm my fears, Mattheus woke at 2am and came running into my room and hopped into bed with me. He curled up against me and went back to sleep for the rest of the night. However, on waking, he hadn’t peed all night and was clearly uncomfortable. I took him to school, and told them to keep an eye on him. He stayed glued to his teacher and didn’t do gymnastics, so we knew he was holding it and being uncomfortable. However, once he fell asleep after lunch, the floodgates opened and the kid needed a new set of clothes. Terrified he was sick again, we went to see his doctor and got him checked out.

Luckily, the tests showed he was in the clear, and we celebrated with some stickers, a new race car and went home feeling good. Mattheus saw pictures of all the kids on the wall, so he asked me to snap this photo so he can go up on the wall as well. I guess we’ll see the next time we visit the doctor.


Matty grows up fast

Looking back at old pictures of Matty, its amazing how much he has grown. Is this my little boy? He has grown up so much its astounding. Sure he wasn’t yet 2, but dang! He’s so little! Matty sitting in the 4runnerMatty posing by 87 4runner


Matty goes to preschool!

6:30 brings the usual refrain: “Mommy-Daddy the moon is on!” The sweet tone of that child’s voice in the other room letting us know that it is once again time to start another day. However, today is not a typical Monday, its Matty’s first day of preschool. This is the first week I can remember that he has wanted the weekend to hurry up and get over with so he can go back to school! Many of his friends moved up last month, so undoubtedly he has been missing them. He also got his new Lightning McQueen lunch box Lightning McQueen lunchbox so he was itching to get on his way. Not only did he dress himself proclaiming “I’m a big boy I can do it myself!” he actually told Cami to hurry up because “I’m going to be late for preschool Mommy.” He’s packing up his stuff in the car and hopping in, I swear if he had the keys he’d drive himself there! It was wonderful to see him so excited. We arrived and he didn’t give us goodbyes or hugs, just waved and off and he went. Happy boy!

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