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Halloween Party Fun

batman and horsey

batman and horsey,

Today is the party at school, and while I’m not sure kids are dressing up for it, I got him his Batman outfit out and he put it on. His hair is not just “messed up” but was my feeble attempt at putting “ears” on his head like Batman. Daddy wasn’t really prepared for this so it is what it is!

Horsey is coming along as his sleeping buddy, crime stopping buddy, and share day toy. Lots of mileage outta that donkey!


Pumpkin Patch



Matty’s class went to a pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay today where they were treated to hay rides, pony rides, and inflatable slides. He of course wanted to dress up in his favorite color, so we put his Halloween sweatshirt on, but didn’t want to give him the pants for fear that he would be mistaken as an over-sized pumpkin and left behind at the pumpkin patch. The boy loves his orange! As a bonus, it was going to rain, so he dressed up with his boots and rain jacket on top of the orange? Does life get any better?