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Pieter gets another publication

Pieter has released some data from studies he has done at CU, that yes are about frog defomities.While this is not the first time Pieter has been featured in the media (see articles here, here, and here) this newest one features him in two new roles: Assistant Professor at CU Boulder, and action hero. Ok well maybe action hero is a stretch, but this article does feature an excellent photograph of Pieter maning the con on his research vessel (it appears to be unnamed, but I’m sure he’s thinking of a name for it). He reports that his tan lines were a little pronounced, but hey, you don’t see the rest of us getting any good pictures on feature stories either, so I still think he’s the stuff. Congrats Pieter!
Deformed frog Pieter on the boat
To read more about Pieter’s professional work, please visit his website