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Daddy, it hurts when I pee!

A quick weekend trip to Claremont was supposed to be filled with good times with the family, plenty of grandparent love and affection, and a small birthday celebration for Cami’s Auntie Sarah. Instead it turned into a heart-wrenching couple of days watching Matty frantically run around trying to avoid peeing at any cost. Thursday night after driving down with Cami he began complaining of pain, so a trip to Kaiser occupied much of the day Friday. Even with a healthy dose of medication, the fear and pain were too great, so the poor little guy demonstrated his tremendous control over his bladder. We knew it was bad when he wouldn’t eat his favorite foods or wanted to lay down, since he never ever refuses good food or wants to take a nap voluntarily!

However, after due injections on Saturday, he started bouncing back and so our drive home Sunday night was quite nice. We took 101 and were treated to tremendous ocean vistas and a sunset just in Santa Margarita that reminds you just how great life really is. We arrived tired, but happy. Pictures are posted on our photo gallery.
Driving down 101