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The truth about Technical Support

tech_support_cheat_sheet.png (PNG Image, 732×823 pixels) – Scaled (47%)

Finally the word is out–no really, we don’t know the answers, we just use a system.  You too can be a part of that system.  Reminds me of the book Shop Class as Soulcraft, we all amass knowledge bases based on experience.  Enjoy!

Took a first listen to the new U2 album and I have to say I’m not sure how I am going to feel about it in a month. Nothing grabbed me or moved me right off, so this will require percolation. However, U2 did get an honorary street in NY temporarily named after them–it pays to be a rock star advocacy group sometimes!

U2 Way in New York supercedes West 53 for a day

Makes me wonder about carrying it in my pocket…or up to my ear.

popcorn video

OF course it has been debunked by Wired…

Digital video sure makes it easy to do stuff these days. This one is better than a Michael Phelps video where he purportedly beats up fellow competitors. While this is simply a ploy to sell more headsets, I do wonder what we will be finding in 10 years as all of us start growing our own Personal Area Networks (PAN) and our cells take on even more technology.


Cycling is taking over the world

As I was walking in to work today, I came across this incredible piece of transportation. I have never seen anything quite like it, and thought it needs to be shared. I unfortunately did not see the student who rode this bike in, but I have a feeling they are in the Art/Design class in the IC. Who else would come up with something quite this spectacular.

You know its bad when someone burns their car in protest to high gas prices. Having recently returned from Holland and paying over $10/gallon, I understand his pain. But has he just gone from bad to worse? Its high time for better fuel-efficiency in the auto market and a shift towards smaller cars. Me, I’m trying to ride my bike more!

BBC NEWS | Health | Daily caffeine ‘protects brain’

This is really good news for me, as it continues to support me in my coffee love. It does not however cite the risks of bad teeth, hitters or other adverse effects of this particular habit. Wondered what that starbucks latte puts you back each day? Check out the nutrition information


Humor for today

How can you not laugh at this one? Men…we really are laughable. I’m not sure if this an actual ad, but it was worth a lunchtime laugh.


Talk about holding on to the past!

Humorous Slashdot article on saying good bye to an old mainframe computer. I’m not really sure how many hundreds of generations of technology have occured since, but the term prehistoric seems appropriate in this case


When technology goes awry…

text messagingNothing like “getting the message” via text. One thing technology certainly is good at is separating us from face-to-face interaction. Breaking up with someone over SMS just reinforces the insult and injury! I guess virtual divorce is next..


Chocolate was beer??? Say what?!?

Chocolate UrnStumbled upon this article today explaining that chocolate’s origins in Central America 3000 years ago was as a beer-like drink, not the nice sweet delight of today. Actually pretty fascinating! Check it out:

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