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Moog Bushings quandary

Moog Bushings 9-30-08

Moog Bushings 9-30-08,
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Well the car can’t get aligned, atleast by the local talent at Firestone. Here’s what I got:

L: +.2 caster, -1.2 camber
R: +.8 caster, -1.2 camber

Looking at my offset bushings, I believe the Right side is somewhere in the ballpark, but the left isn’t. I think they control arms have to come off. What do you guys think?


Lancer emerges finally!

Thanks to Cami, Jared and Doug, my 1962 Lancer finally emerged from a long hibernation to get to the 2008 Slant Six show at the Redwood City harbor.  It has been nearly 2.5 years since the car moved, as it underwent major suspension overhaul in which almost all original part have been replaced front and rear.  This has been a slow process but the last 10 days involved major labor on the brake system.  As problem after problem surfaced, we powered on and reminded ourselves this is a fun project.

It still needs some tuning and alignment, but its rolling.  I’m ecstatic.  It fired up first time (after adding some gas, which was all gone) and after the water pump started belching, we replaced that and it rolled on out.  Gotta love that reliability.

Here’s a few pictures from the 2008 Slant Six show:

1962 Lancer makes it back on the road

You know its bad when someone burns their car in protest to high gas prices.  Having recently returned from Holland and paying over $10/gallon, I understand his pain.  But has he just gone from bad to worse?  Its high time for better fuel-efficiency in the auto market and a shift towards smaller cars.  Me, I’m trying to ride my bike more!

Congratulations again to Glen Terry, and here’s my attempt to scan and PDF his article in the Paradise Post. Thanks to Wayne for sending it to me.

KillerBees National Slant Six Champions

KillerBees National Slant Six Champions


2008 1962-65 Mopar Calendar

Here’s this years installment of Gary Futrell’s famous 62-65 Mopar Calendar. While we had discussed producing multiple calendars this year, there were not enough high-resolution photographs to complete them. I was considering setting up a photo gallery that would give you all a place to upload your high-quality pictures and possibly even let you vote for your favorite pictures. If you’d like to see this happen, please leave a comment and I’ll make it happen.

Here are the 2 PDF versions of the calendar. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader, download it for free:

2008 Calendar Print thumb 2008 1962-65 Mopar Calendar (Print Quality Resolution) 10MB File big-copy.jpg2008 1962-65 Mopar Calendar (Web Quality Resolution) 2MB File  

Passat fun

After changing the oil, I noticed that one of the wheels had grease all over the inside of it, the origin of which was a the CV boot. Thinking this job wouldn’t be too much trouble, I set out to find good information on what I was in for. Finding these instructions, I thought, “I can do this!” RockAuto came through big time by delivering my boot kit is less than 24 hours of ordering, which seemed like a good start. However, I quickly realized this new Passat uses all kinds of funky tools that I don’t have in my toolkit (shocking! I figured I had every tool I could ever need!) I needed a 14mm hex wrench for the hub, a 10mm triple-square, 12 point bit (looks like Torx, but isn’t) and other neat little numbers to simply get it apart. Finding those particular bits turned out to be a little more challenging than I had anticipated. Three trips to Napa, AutoZone and Kragen told me only that they were either very expensive or “an order” item. No worries, I thought I could get around that.

So far I’ve spent $40 for jack pads, $20 for the boot kit, $35 for the triple square set , $10 for the 14mm hex (came as part of a 12/14/ 16 set) and I haven’t even gotten dirty! Much of that time was spent looking at the proper jacking points and locations for jack stands on the Passat, as all my maintenance up until this point has been with the stock jack or ramps. Oh, and I have to fashion some kind of adapter for my floor jack and jack stands so they can sit on my pinch welds without mangling them! While I wish I had some plastic to make them out of, I can either buy adapters or try to make some out of 2×4. Since Trent has a table saw with a dado blade, I’m going that route first.

All of this wrangling is making me think I should just order a rebuilt axle and replace the whole darn setup instead of messing with the boot, but I’m going to wait until I have the axle off to see if that’s the route I should go. Judging by my usual record, I’ll end up with the axle, but only after buying all the other parts first, messing them up, and then deciding the axle was the way to go in the first place! I just feel like my OEM axle is going to be better quality and in good shape with only 60k miles on it if dirt did not penetrate it. I think I caught it soon enough….I hope!

Stay tuned, more on this escapade soon….