Race Report: CCCX #1 & CCCX #2

Event: CCCX #1 CCCX #2
Location: Fort Ord, CA
Date: 9.14 & 9.15.2013
Category: 35B (Sat), 35A (Sun)
Teammates: Jason Bradeen, Chris Cowart, Murray Swanson
Place: 1st/5th
Weather: Dry, 75+ degrees
Tires: Tufo Flexus Primus, 21 psi F/R

opening a gap on the singletrack

opening a gap on the singletrack

After a long road season filled with little racing and very little luck going my way, I finally arrived at my first two cyclocross races of this season.† I spent the entire off-season hoping to heal the wounds of last year and have a injury-free season, but my lack of road racing has brought me into the cross season a bit lower than previous years, but the goal for this weekend was simple: shake the

bike down, start regaining confidence in my skills, and practice flaying myself without falling off my bike in a lactate-filled haze.† The fields were small and the courses technical, so I simply rode as hard as I could, blew up, and then hung on.† The skills still felt a bit rusty, the fitness a bit lacking, but on track given

some hard work planned over the next two months.† Negotiating the hardpack and sand on Saturday left me with a brown racing stripe from a few close calls, but I started to feel a little better on Sunday.

My biggest takeaway was a pile of poison oak on both legs, despite using Tech nu.† New item added to equipment listóportable shower.


alone and suffering

alone and suffering

trying to hang on

just eeked my way onto the podium
just eeked my way onto the podium

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