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Moog Bushings quandary

Moog Bushings 9-30-08

Moog Bushings 9-30-08,
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Well the car can’t get aligned, atleast by the local talent at Firestone. Here’s what I got:

L: +.2 caster, -1.2 camber
R: +.8 caster, -1.2 camber

Looking at my offset bushings, I believe the Right side is somewhere in the ballpark, but the left isn’t. I think they control arms have to come off. What do you guys think?


Lancer emerges finally!

Thanks to Cami, Jared and Doug, my 1962 Lancer finally emerged from a long hibernation to get to the 2008 Slant Six show at the Redwood City harbor. It has been nearly 2.5 years since the car moved, as it underwent major suspension overhaul in which almost all original part have been replaced front and rear. This has been a slow process but the last 10 days involved major labor on the brake system. As problem after problem surfaced, we powered on and reminded ourselves this is a fun project.

It still needs some tuning and alignment, but its rolling. I’m ecstatic. It fired up first time (after adding some gas, which was all gone) and after the water pump started belching, we replaced that and it rolled on out. Gotta love that reliability.

Here’s a few pictures from the 2008 Slant Six show:

1962 Lancer makes it back on the road

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Cami accepted a friend’s invitation to do the See Jane Tri sprint triathlon on Saturday in Pleasanton. Designed specifically for women to inspire them to rise the challenge of putting themselves to the test. In that spirit, Cami shruggled off her normal reluctance to pound the pavement, and put in a lot of time training these last few weeks. I tuned up her bike, removed the rack and about a pound of grease, and she was ready to race.

Cami and her friend Kathy left at 4:30am to get there and set up for the 8am start time. Mattheus and I headed out at 7am to watch and cheer them on. The folks at See Jane Tri really know how to get a positive atmosphere going, with music, food and lots of excited women of all ages competing.

The swim was a relatively short 400-500 yard swim, followed by an 11 mile ride and a somewhat mountainous 3 mile run. Cami, no stranger to swimming, was the first out of the water by a good 40 yards, giving her a good start. In her words, “I’d spend the rest of the race getting passed, so I needed as much time as possible!” She had no trouble getting transitioned to the bike, and rode off and did a good 11 miles and was back before we knew it!

The run was her greatest challenge and it was quite a hilly run on some dirt fireroads around the park. I knew she would be suffering, so Matty and I ran along side her for a short part of the course and cheered for her! This tired me out immediately, since the kid wanted me carry him *and* run. But Cami smiled and just kept on going.

The camera battery died, but Cami finished strong at 17th overall in the 34-39 age group even if we didn’t capture it. Damn good performance for the small amount of time she had to prepare and its a testament to the competitive athlete that lies within. Matty really enjoyed watching Mommy compete and maybe now we will convince him swimming is a good thing to do, since Cami did so well at it. Congratulations to you Cami!

More pictures are posted on our web photo gallery

Makes me wonder about carrying it in my pocket…or up to my ear.

popcorn video

OF course it has been debunked by Wired…

Digital video sure makes it easy to do stuff these days. This one is better than a Michael Phelps video where he purportedly beats up fellow competitors. While this is simply a ploy to sell more headsets, I do wonder what we will be finding in 10 years as all of us start growing our own Personal Area Networks (PAN) and our cells take on even more technology.


Cycling is taking over the world

As I was walking in to work today, I came across this incredible piece of transportation. I have never seen anything quite like it, and thought it needs to be shared. I unfortunately did not see the student who rode this bike in, but I have a feeling they are in the Art/Design class in the IC. Who else would come up with something quite this spectacular.