Pumpkins, Surfing and Sunshine

This weekend was a tornado of activity with Saturday being spent at SJSU during alumni weekend. I was barely able to drag myself out of bed since this week was just packed with short nights and long days, but the event was packed with bagels, coffee, and good humor, making it most enjoyable. The afternoon sped on past as we took a nap, did some cleaning, and played a bit. Kayla and Chris invited Mattheus and Menko out for some ice cream, which meant lots of frantic running around and playing at the ice cream store. Clearly both kids were on the rebound but the parents were still worn out! They ran and ran while Chris and Menko just tried their best to keep them from losing a limb or becoming too much of a nuisance.

Sunday was a day of new things! Menko got his first day out surfing in Pacifica, and while he hardly caught any waves, he did have a nice day in the sea. It was clear blue skies and a warm enough day that Cami and Matty joined us for the day. We were even treated to a 5 alarm hillside fire featuring 6 fire engines, a helicopter and 3 fire planes. The fire was quickly controlled but not before Matty got to marvel at the bright crimson flame retardant streaming out of the low-flying airplanes. It was pretty cool watching the planes fade in and out of the smoke while we watched from a safe distance! After ensuring that Matty had retrieved the requisite amount of sand from the beach, we headed home for some rest. Chris called and told us that both he and Aya were feeling under the weather, so we took Kayla for the evening and got a short taste of having two kids at the same time. Can’t say it whet my appetite, but I’m sure siblings would play better together…right? <wink> Actually Kayla was wonderful, but Matty just wasn’t sure he was ready to share all of his toys. The boy needed some food and sleep, and was just a bit unwilling to share. However, a nice bath by himself recouped his good humor and treated us to a wonderful car ride to Kayla’s. Dressed up in pajamas, each with a race car (Lightning for Matty, Sally for Kayla), we laughed as they conspired to pretend they were sleeping and snored away back there. Those are the moments that make you glad to be alive. I guess having two would have its upsides as well.

Oh yeah, pumpkins…they are out in force, but we have yet to visit a patch! Maybe Matty and I will do that next weekend when Cami is in Chicago.

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