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Summer 2007 brings change!


Those lazy months of June, July and August have traditionally been busier than the rest of the year for us, and this summer was no exception. Menko foolishly believed that with his MA in Instructional Technology completed in June, he’d finally have that long awaited relaxation time. Instead, we spent a great deal of time travelling for conferences, family outings, and even a little time at the beach. So where did all that time go?

The highlight of it all however was Cami getting started at her new job as a tenure track faculty member at San Jose State’s College of Business. After completing her post doc at Stanford and getting several publications out of the way, she’s ready to start work in August. Go Cami!

Menko also had the opportunity to take part in a presentation at Campus Technology’s annual conference on August 2nd in Washington, DC.. The Incubator Classroom was selected as one of the top technology innovations in education for 2007. At the conference, I had the opportunity to explain how technology is enhancing instruction at San Jose State and how Instructional Designers help facilitate faculty course planning and implementation. After nearly 16 months of hard work, the award certainly was a welcome surprise and validation of the good work being done by faculty and staff in the Academic Success Center.

Summer also brought about the acquisition of some new toys including a folding bicycle for commuting on the train and a surfboard donation from Est, a long-time friend of Menko’s. While hardly the surfer dude, he’s atleast going to give it a go while the going is good.